Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Emilia Attias

Emilia Attias (born March 20, 1987) is an Argentine model and actress with Moroccan Jewish ancestors. She has appeared on the covers of many magazines including Maxim, Gente and Gabo[disambiguation needed]. She is best known for her role as Ángeles Inchausti "Cielo Mágico"/Paz Bauer in the Argentine television series Casi Ángeles. María Emilia Attías was born on March 20, 1987 in the neighborhood of Belgrano, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the fourth child of the marriage made by the real estate business Hebe Ada Rosa "Poupée" Pompei and Lieutenant Colonel and rugby coach at the club Centro Naval Argentino, Carlos Attias. Her parents divorced when Emilia was just 6 years. She has four brothers, Gonzalo Attias, student rugby player and model, is a year younger than her. The twins Maria Agustina and Maria Barbara are two years older than she is and they turned to acting and modeling. Mary Luciana, her sister is 8 years older, is used in the area of public relations and a degree in Communication. Both Gonzalo, as Barbara and Agustina also belong to the staff of Multitalent Agency. Emilia begins at 13 years of advertising and catwalk model, not only to pay for her acting and singing classes, but also to help her family, who at that time it met wealthy. It also funded the private side, which was made at the College Porteño. From age 6, Emily lived with her mother and siblings until she moved with her twin sister to a single department in the neighborhood of "The Cañitas." At age 19, spent a year at a U.S. Catholic university in New York City, to accompany her mother, Hebe. On December 3, 2009 married Sibara Naim, "The Turk", an Argentinian Muslim comedian and musician, who was dating since 2006 and lived together since 2007. Her marriage, both civilian held in the City of Buenos Aires, as well as religious, which was conducted in the Brazilian city of Bahia on 7 December of that year, were considered by the media as a mixture of simple, exotic and originality.

At age 13 she was discovered on the street and offered to make their first pictures as a model. Since then it stopped working and what could be won in the commercial finance their studies, their outputs, their singing and acting. Her resume says she began as a model casting to casting, part of a campaign for Levi's and Mantecol commercial. Then she made graphics and Rexona brands like Beldent. In addition to commercials on television and graphic campaigns, made photos and various parades, as a professional model. With only 15 years she traveled to London for a month to work as an editorial model agency Storm. She then went to Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, and elsewhere. In 2003 part of the video "I'm your girl" Emanuel Horvilleur , and also makes appearances in the strip Rebelde Way. Her acting career started in the program had no 2 no 3, 2004, where she played various characters in various sketches, the most prominent was the character of "Barbara" in the segment called "Rich and Brats". The following year, she debuted as host in "Yesterday I saw you", with Alvaro Navia, make some programs such as guest host for Call TV, and appearances in fiction Los Roldán. Michelangelo was summoned by Queen Reech Cherutti and, in 2005, to participate in the play "Unforgettable", a play that mixes the genres of magazine and music-hall. Due to its good performance and highlight in this work was to be consecrated as the "revelation" in 2006. Also that year, Emilia, makes her film debut, at the hands of Nicolas Capelli, with the film "Kill Videla" starring with Mary Fiorentino and Mesaglio Diego, where plays the role of "Lucia". This film, for legal reasons, accomplished debut much later, on January 7, 2010, at the Gaumont cinema. Part in 2006, of the novel starring Gabriel Andrea del Boca and Goity, Gladiators at Pompeii, where she played "Lucifer". In 2006, singer Ricardo Arjona is chosen to star opposite her his video "Penguins in bed". It is in this year when part of dancing for a dream 2, Showmatch program event, hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. Emilia with her dreamy, Lucas Tortorici, are as finalists and highlights her skills as a "ballerina". In that year and for the next two years was the face of Arsenic Sport and momentum. In late 2006, she signed with Cris Morena to star opposite Nicolas Vazquez Telefé successful strip, Casi Ángeles. Her role in the strip is "Cielo Mágico" and she wins the affection of all children and young people. The following year, signs new contracts for the second season of the novel, which became a television event level, musical and theatrical in various parts of the world. In 2007 Emilia became the face of the brand 47 Street. In 2008 and 2009 for Point 1, Core and Jaguar Shoes. In 2009 remains in the third season of Casi Angeles, where she played "Paz Bauer", as well as leading couple but Mariano Torre. That character is the daughter of his previous character, "Magic Sky" and the character of Nicolas Vazquez. Own decision in 2010 not part of the cast in the fourth season of Casi Angeles, but makes a special guest for the closing of their character, "Paz Bauer" in the early chapters of this season.

In 2010, leads the youth program "Re.creo en vos" by El Trece, which ends on 28 May of that year. Emilia incursions into the song, part of the repertoire that contained the CD of the band support of Almost Angels, Teen Angels. Also on the live CD Almost Angels in the theater, and in its role of host, was the voice of the musical theme of their program. As a model is highlighted and stands out not only in graphics, in daring photo shoots for magazines such as Caras and Gente (among others), but also on the catwalk, closing and opening shows such as Laurencio Adot, and other major designers. It was the face of different brands in Argentina and in Israel for the swimwear brand Pilpel, being the first foreigner to model for it. Also participated in the campaign Picosaludo "Top-line. Together with her sister Carolina Pettinati, the younger sister of her husband, opened in 2009, Romance language, clothing brand, with an office in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, which lasts on the market about a year. In 2010 Jaguar remained face shoes, and Chenson Soana well as Emilia is required, either because of their popularity, talent, charm and beauty, by various companies. At the end of 2010 is called again, along with Nicolas Vázquez, by Cris Morena, to end the series Almost Angels. Also videoclip of the first cut of the band Gin Tonic, "Argentina is cheap," "Tango stone" she wrote her husband, accompanied by the renowned tango dancer Miguel Angel Zotto. Created next to the Turkish Naim, also in 2010, producer Siamese Productions, which merged with AmjaTV Israeli producer, started doing the pilot of what will be Minou, to sell abroad. Attias also receives credits for being lead singer in the group known as Teen Angels. In 2010, already within the hosts of Channel 13[disambiguation needed], the artist returns to competition Dancing for a dream, Showmatch successful program segment, hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. The name of her dreamer is Pablo Juin, and participate in the Rising Sun Neighborhood Association Illía Federal Capital, which owns a home in which they live fifty women and abused children and have a small dining room serving three meals in batches of 380 children and low-income adults. The dream is to expand the dining room.

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